Anna and The Queen…

You may ask what the connection is ? Well I think there is and this is the first time I have confided this to anyone! You have seen a picture of Anna now but I have not put one of the Queen because you all know what she looks like and you know a lot about her. So now I will tell you about this little girl. Anna is thirteen she had a catastrophic epileptic fit when she was fourteen months old shortly after she had her MMR vaccine. Six months later she had another fit. After many years she is able to walk well and can do a lot of things but her mental age is that of a five year old. She is currently funded at a special school where her needs cannot be addressed. She has to spend over two hours a day travelling and is in constant pain. Her mum, shall we call her the tigress saved up for her to have a four day assessment at a wonderful residential facility Called St Mary’s in Bexhill on Sea. She adored it and they loved her and are confident that they could change her life for her … they found out that she had Scoliosis and Kyphosis of the spine and that without expert care physiotherapy daily she will probably be unable to walk and be wheel chair bound . Now here is the problem the local authority will not fund Anna for this move and effectively they have denied Anna a decent life . Now that’s where the tigress and the Queen come in Ali because that’s her name will do absolutely anything for her child and she is determined to make a sponsored Parachute Jump to pay for a brilliant firm of solicitors to fight Anna’s case with the council. We are all begging her not to do this … there must be another way … the thought of Ali ending up injured with two other children and sods law she probably would. Now here’s the thing The Queen did it at the opening of the Olympics .. only the thing was she didn’t it was a substitute and very fetching he look in frilly knickers . Watch this Space

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