The Puppy and The Pill

This morning the puppy Beatrice found a pill on the floor of the bedroom, of course according to The Sainted One this was my fault. I pointed out at once that there have been eighty tenants in this house this summer God bless them (not all at the same time of course) AND MANY THINGS ARE FOUND UNDER THE BED AND ON THE FLOOR ….. EVEN MOI WITH MY WELL KNOWN ATTENTION TO DETAIL WILL NOT DISCLOSE EXACTLY WHAT, I pointed this out but it did not wash. The Sainted One hates waste of any kind, it has something to do with the war, well he was most insistent that it was mine and even that I should take it.

Now I have not had time to send it to forensics and any way that would incur cost which is greatly disapproved of here. So I threw it away and that caused a long argument about the rubbish. But the whole point of it is that I then went for the most glorious walk on the beach where very often I have time to fester paranoid feelings. So it suddenly occurred to me that under the simmering layer of disapproval something darker looms on the domestic front …is this some sort of sinister murder plot? I mean you never know do you…. But then I thought the dog is universally admired so that could not be the case so I went back to the house and made my own coffee.

But actually that is not the only story about pills this week. Two nights ago we went to the opera with some musical A list and the woman one down from me had a most annoying dry cough. Poor thing it was awful for her and she was busy stuffing handkerchiefs down her throat and quietly choking. Now I always cough at the opera it is a matter of principle I am also well known for the arsenal of medication I have in my handbag ,I know longer have the condom one of my children gave me fifteen years ago “just in case” . So I nudged the bloke on my right and gave him my one of my delicious black currant cough pastilles to give to her and guess what he ate it ! The dog looks all right by the way. But dog number two just ate a sack of sea weed but she will eat anything, more about that tomorrow.

Actually I may tell you later about the pretentious programme notes at the opera which say more about the person who wrote them that the opera. I wish people would not do that, music was written for ordinary people like me to enjoy and most do not have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Grove Musical Dictionary . The young singers and musicians were however inspirational Judith Weir must be a genius I was not looking forward to A Night At The Chinese Opera but it was a delight.

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