Tweeting and Wind Farms

I used to admire David Cameron but not any more. This government must be on some other planet, just as well for them because there won’t be anything left here to enjoy soon . So many catastrophic cock ups and following on from the Ash tree scandal, we now have a decision to put up thousands more wind farms. So little feathered friends not only will you have nowhere to nest, since this bunch of idiots have sat there and allowed this to happen thus destroying swathes of woodland and all the delicious snacks which feed our feathered friends on the ground beneath; but those of you feathered friends who do survive will be sliced in half by a giant blade which will produce a minimal amount of power to heat all the open shop doorways which keep the Notting Hill set warm while they go shopping . We wouldn’t want them to catch cold would we? Oh yes and what about the proposed high speed railway which will cut off half an hour from the journey from Birmingham to London, well that is going to decimate huge areas of English Countryside and cost a fortune in compensation actually this lot are a lot of useless windbags. But I expect they are Ok because they mostly have well feathered nests and will decamp to foreign parts when the going gets tough and leaving us all in a giant theme park on the adorable “death pathway,” (did you know that dying of thirst is one of the oldest forms and most despicable forms of torture ) …believe me it’s like George Orwell only worse, you will be starved and deprived of liquid and effectively dispatched . Read Hugo Rifkind in the times he always gets it right!

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