Tears and Cotton Wool Balls

I decided to give up crying a few years ago and by and large this has stood me well. Sadly that resolution was broken last November when we had some awful news , I cried for two weeks without stopping until my eyes closed up and I couldn’t see anyone. During that time I vented anger often and once in the powder room of a very posh club when I threw the cotton wool balls about and howled my eyes out and nobody dared come into the loo so they had a horrible time wanting to go etc. But families are strange things, and in a mad dysfunctional way we have all come together taking the lead from one very brave girl whose courage has been a lantern in the dark and has shown us that all will be well.

Well I cried again this week, once you will be glad to hear, with laughter , it was Craig Brown doing a send up of an awful book called Shades of Grey a pion of sludge sex with frequent use of words like moist and throbbing. In his version his characters were a tea bag and a kettle and the audience at the Henley Upon Thames Literary Festival went a bundle on it and Moi laughed so much I cried and had a pain. The second time was not so good it was a picture in the Sunday Times of two adorable Lambs waiting to be slaughtered a la Halal . There they were, little heads on one side watching their friends being skinned on a conveyor belt . It was very Jungian that I had a meeting the next day with an Iconic weagan woman called Joyce D’Silva ambassadress for Compassion in World Farming. This is an organization I have been passionate about for years and details are here on my website … it is only prosperity that brings a desire for more meat which is synonymous with many health issues. I often think I should be vegetarian ….

I nearly cried with joy when I discovered my book was doing very well, and many polite things have been said, which are gratifying when you have worked so long on it. Three years of research is of course encapsulated in a story of eighty eight thousand words, which brings me to the subject of crushingly awful stupid things people say to writers. This week I have had the following “it must be nice for you to have a little hobby..” then “ I loved your book but there is just one thing,” of course I should have known by now to put up my hand and say” enough already,” but I didn’t so it went “on page forty six you mention a lily and I don’t think you got it right” ….!!! Then there was “ are your books in the Barbara Cartland category?” that is the end of a long friendship I can tell you! Of course there are the usual “ did you know there are two typos “… and “I do wish you had let me go through it with a red pen.” I have taken to inventing extraordinary facts to suit the occasion, they work awfully well, so I replied to the last one that War and Peace had forty one mistakes in it when it was first submitted. One must never boast, but I can’t resist saying that two readers have told me it is the best book they have ever read, and Flora’s Glory is up for five prestigious awards.