Cancer Research and Feathers

Last night I got a on the bus that Ken Livingstone put on especially for moi . I was on my way to Chelsea where I pretend that I live. Onto the bus got a voluptuous green parrot. He brought with him a most charming gentleman on whom he kept a firm eye and who he kept attached to him with an exotic silken chord. I say he, because I was introduced to the parrot and he told me his name was Victor. Actually I felt very empowered by Victor who resides in Somerset and doesn’t like London much. He flies about when he is at home and has many friends in the countryside . Sadly two of them were found hanging by their neck in my larder when I got back later . They were a present from one of my many sons in law. I am very pleased with them, and my grandson is going to make them presentable for Sunday Lunch. I am so glad I found them after I met Victor because I would have been embarrassed. I didn’t like to ask Victor what he did if he was taken short on the bus, but I did see some nervous looks, and wondered if public transport has a policy about parrots, of course they don’t tolerate abuse and Victor assured me he does not use bad language…. He would not be comfortable here then!

Buoyed up by this interesting encounter, I went to the Science Museum, with a most elegant and treasured friend of mine for the Launch of The Institute of Cancer Research’s DISCOVERY CLUB. This is to raise money for research into the kind of drugs which prophetically gave us the happiest news ever, which was, remission for my wonderful brave daughter who, although still requiring regular treatment is leading a great life. Maurice Saatchi gave a most moving address as did a wonderful girl talking about her mother . Believe me these are extraordinary people. The thing which shocks me is the horrible gap in time when drugs are available in America and the NHS drags its feet while it considers the financial pros and cons of getting it here as if it were the price of butter. In the end they get it, but at what cost ??? Think of the knock on effect of family loss, I know about this, I work in bereavement.

There has been no mention of the dead birds in the larder from the Sainted One, he is too preoccupied with the restoration of the dishwasher “mind games”, but Beatrice and Mollie are in a frenzy .

“Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est” Must fly am researching effluent in 1740.

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