Spiders and Blood

Terrible screams from the larder. Joanna my cleaning assistant saw the pheasants. Then there were more because a spider came lolloping out of the corner alerted by the commotion, you know how spiders love a bit of drama. Joanna and moi are both arachnophobic. Recently I have been like Donna Corleone with various assaults from the blameophobics, so I am empowered and was very brave. Spider in hoover and birds now hanging from fence in garden. Faint signs of approval from Sainted One, as I said I would pay for all the Christmas presents for the sixteen descendants I suppose that is reasonable … also the birds on the fence could be interpreted as a deterrent to squirrels . War everywhere actually … am going out for a raucous lunch with a whole lot of glamorous women, a lot of them from Norway. Actually Sandy my fox will love the pheasants. Watch this space.

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