“I ‘ll Just Put You On Hold”

“I’ll just put you on hold,” don’t let them do that to you whatever you do, it really means is “I will leave you there until you are found slumped unconscious with the receiver on the floor.” The whole country is on hold at the moment, it seems, while it hears that one hundred and ten million pounds has been spent on the election of Police Commissioners. People were not interested, and the desultory turn out of fourteen per cent was hardly surprising as most people didn’t know who the candidates were anyway. Nobody in this house voted, because we didn’t support the idea in the first place, but maybe it will work out in the end. But think of all that money which could have been spent on an anonymous trained helpline for all those poor girls who were being abused and in some cases murdered. I bet they were “popped on hold” when they should have been given protection and care. The other catch phrase which drives me nuts is “lessons will be learned from this” they seldom are.

On the domestic front, the pheasants were moved to the garden shed. This morning my grandson went to get them to prepare them for Sunday lunch, he has a strong stomach, but it didn’t take long for him to establish they were by now unfit for human consumption. The whole affair has been very traumatic, food for thought if nothing else. But this was not the only area in which feathers flew. At lunch, the Sainted One, who had gained many good points by painting the lodgers bathroom, and being generally quite obliging, recklessly squandered them all by unexpectedly raising the matter of the romantic dinner he paid for in the local bistro last week. This was in the same context as the “Profligate!” spending at the local farmers market the week before. He does live on the edge…..we went out to a very enjoyable party at Daphne’s (the duck breast did not have quite the usual allure because I was still very emotional about the pheasants, and thought how they should still be happy in the country with all their friends and relatives). The Sainted One sat between two very beautiful ladies and they both remarked on what a lovely evening they had spent with him, and said how lovely it must be to be married to such a treasure. An evil saying came into my mind, something about “street angel home—-“ I gave one of my enigmatic smiles.

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