If Pigs Could Fly?

So NHS army medical core surgeons are giving pigs a nice breakfast containing sedatives and then Anaesthetizing them; the animals are then unceremoniously strung up for target practice , where trained marksmen shoot them at close range, to inflict the most serious injuries they can without causing instant death. Hopefully still unconscious, but who knows, they are lovingly covered in blankets and taken to operating theatres where experimental surgery can be practised?  This is to simulate battle injuries and their treatment. Does one think they are then given counselling and copies of Hello magazine and have their toenails painted to simulate recovery procedure… no such luck little pigs, you are then killed and dumped on an animal waste site. I read this in The Mail On Sunday, and by the way this is happening in Denmark it is part of Nato’s Definitive Trauma and Care Course.

When asked about this, the course director apparently replied that pigs were the best subjects for this because of their anatomical similarity to humans. This was one of the most revolting examples of obscene behaviour I had read recently, although in a world where the mass murder of innocent children is now considered acceptable I suppose it should not come as at all surprising. Jung said that once man lost respect for the animal kingdom he was lost. WHEN DID ALL THIS BECOME OK? We should all be grateful to the journalists who sniff out these stories, it is certain they put themselves on the line by doing them. Join Compassion in World Farming now .. this is one thing you can do to heighten awareness of animal abuse.

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