Naim Attallah’s Wise Words on the Horrible Subject Of Sally Bercow.

The two names should not be mentioned in the same sentence. It is an insult to the great man. However it is a joy to hear someone saying what should have been said a long time ago. Read Naim’s blog at Quartet Books. The real disgrace is that the Speaker of The House of Commons has not done something about this loose cannon of a woman. His wife has brought the role of Speaker to ridicule and dishonour and consequently she is a threat to democracy. The reputation of Politicians is at a low ebb anyway and this idiotic creature would not be of any interest if she were not the wife of this man, what on earth is going on? Do they need the money which she has gained from her disgusting circus? Is this man turned on by this display of irresponsible behaviour and seeing his wife half clothed in a sheet all over the tabloids? Has this woman given a thought to the life she has ruined by her celebrity blabbering? The latest victim of this is an elderly man of impeccable credentials, who has given a life of public service and lives in blameless retirement battling with ill health. If I were him I would give one last great service to our great country and the democratic system by suing for stress and every other thing he can chuck at her … “if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas,” sorry all dogs you deserve better. I feel sorry for the Bercow’s children. For God’s sake Bercow, in a vernacular your wife would enjoy, tidy up your domestic life or butt out.

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