Thanksgiving and Can I Put a Wash On?

This is a family crowded with incident.One of  the enchanting cousin is here from Texas bringing with her all the extraordinary family history. Hence the turkey in the oven and Kiss Me Kate at the Old Vic last night. A gathering of some of the many other cousins is about to take place, however the turkey seemed quite raw when I got back from church where much reference was made to Gay Marriage and women Bishops. The latter is obviously a no brainer, once women were accepted for ordination I personally don’t understand what the problem is. Women bring so much to the table as is instanced by our local church, this is a natural development, opposing it is not logical.

Beatrice the spaniel had taken a turn for the worse after eating a biro. She is now on a drip with the wonderful David Cuffe in Abbeville Road . God was kind making sure that he was there today because dog dramas make me very emotional and he had to speak quietly to me in a reassuring manner so as not to upset the other dogs and owners. My grandson, who lives here is also good at this and knows exactly how to diffuse these moments of high drama … it is all so simple really, I wish the Sainted One could learn this but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks can you? I wonder if he would benefit from a visit to the vet, I mean you never know do you? The family did rally quite well when I had a burn out and they came out of their various comfort zones to great effect. When I got back from the vet all was serene.

I wish David Cameron and his acolytes would stop messing with the church, hasn’t he got enough to deal with? He is further dividing the country by focusing on this issue of gay marriage . Leave it alone Dave, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

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