Boris Sans-Culottes?

Boris Johnson is a dish, no doubt about it, but not quite such a dish as his father Stanley who is a bit slimmer. I adore many things about Boris and so does almost everyone I know because he laughs at himself and when he talks to people they feel happy . His visit to India has no doubt sent his fan club into orbit and he has now become a world celebrity … but here is a thing, not so with the French I am thinking…. ! We have new friend in India, he stayed in our house and ignited a wish to go to that great country, partly because he was very complimentary about my book which touched on the Restoration when everyone was an accomplished dissembler. We all know what Boris is finding so inspiring in India, and it is wonderful that 73 Indian Firms are now listed on the stock exchange in London. But Boris don’t upset the French, they gave us so many wonderful things, not least the gentlemanly mantra about never telling the truth about your private life, even if you are caught with your trousers down, you know what I mean Boris . Who ever heard of anything so archaic? Yes everyone including the French, go on coming to London especially “Sans Culottes” . But Boris you may be in danger of being an “aura popularis” in Deli or wherever, but we need to see just a little more gravitas perhaps. “Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero eleccto” Boris, which means, many are called but few are chosen … Boris is of course fluent in Latin!!! He has a lot riding on that unique popularity of his, all the others are a disaster …. Don’t blow it my friend. .we need you.

The washing machine has been more or less constant over the last forty-eight hours and there are presently fourteen odd socks . The Sainted One hates mess and has a habit of moving piles of extraneous items to different places. I spend much time searching for them and there was yet again the missing umbrella drama. At the moment , there is also an in-depth enquiry about the origin of turkey remains, of some sort which have found their way into the garden .. I am fully aware of the truth, as are the other residents, but our lips are sealed. Talking of Turkeys, we all wish Dave would start running the country instead of launching enquiries. They never produce anything except the absurd suggestion that lessons have been learnt. Get a life Dave just living is an enquiry in itself, there is nothing you can tell us with this fatuous waste of time and money.

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