One Degree Of Seperation.

It’s more like one degree less and it is separation round here. The Sainted One has many domestic battles on the go come the winter and the onset of Christmas they develop a new ferocity . These are for the most part insidious, conducted silently but with a little bit of background muttering. The front line battle is the thermostat for the heating .. it is turned down that vital one degree each time the S.O. passes it and each time moi hears this horrible little click I turn it back. This battle is getting near the edge ….. sometimes my feet are so cold I cannot feel them as I sit at my desk. But I tell you marching orders may well be mentioned soon. Sisters all, listen good .. blokes around the house are not easy. There is also the dishwasher thing… the reloading, everything taken out and pre washed, then replaced in colour coding and forensic attention to size. The average female domestic day is all about frenetic multi tasking, no time for such frivolities….. women are marvellous creatures.

I sat next to a man last night who was rather big in publishing and had a very exciting conversation about semi colons, colons and split infinitives, he announced that he really could not rate anything which did not contain a plethora of the former and any of the latter. I gave one of my delightful smiles;;;;;;;:::::::!

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