The Lavatory Brush

I have been ill and lost my appetite for a week which was good in one way because I got thinner. But it is no fun cooking for hordes when you feel like throwing up. Yesterday was recovery day and I had lunch with a wonderful family and came home feeling all was well again with the world, that is until this morning when a household event made me feel sick again. In fact so sick that I had to lie down on the kitchen sofa whilst trying to pretend it hadn’t actually happened . You see I am very squeamish about anything to do with lavatories or the rituals surrounding them. I bit the bullet and inspected the lavatory in the studio we rent out because new guests are arriving , I saw at once that the Lavatory brush must be replaced , it was taken downstairs to the basement to be hygienically disposed of. Now this was too much for the Sainted One and the useful recycling phobia kicked in. Later I found the brush ready for the recycling “engineers” because the discarding of same would I assumed be a waste and the men ( or Women) would jump at such an opportunity, after all they might wrap it up and give it away as a Christmas present . Admittedly it did have some wear in it, but the latest guest had left traces of what could only be described as shepherds pie. But worse was to come, the container had been put on the draining board as a useful accoutrement for mops and cutlery. I am in a state of exhaustion the whole kitchen has been disinfected even the dogs are looking nervous. I still feel sick!

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