The Messiah,Brussels Sprouts, The Spanish Police and the Bogey Hunt.

There is no room at the inn does not apply here … Sunday saw some great innovations in our house . All the beds were full and new spaces had been found for various young relatives. Actually it was a delight because my fabulous Goddaughter came from America where she has been wowing the Californians for three years with the voice of an angel. Another lunch happened, the numbers were rather large as usual and they settled in for a long stint. I did not do sprouts because they must be the most abused item of food known to man, I have a theory that they can only be done well by a professional cook who never lets them out of their sight and puts them on just as the guests assemble. This is not possible in our house for reasons that are too dull to relate. As darkness set in and more wine was opened, they all looked very happy and we escaped to a performance of The Messiah at St John’s Smith Square. Christmas would not be complete for me without the Messiah and it is impossible not to be uplifted by it I firmly believe that Handel said he had seen God when he finally came out of his room after five weeks with the work in his hands. What a legacy of joy he left to the world. I thought a great deal about the words “if God is with us who can be against us?”

The post still brings surprises despite the ubiquitous use of email, mostly nice at this time of year but there was some surprising news today. The Spanish Police are coming to our home to arrest one of us. It is this phantom creep who used our address some years ago and manages to con people into giving him vast sums of money using the unlikely alias of Dick Bogey . Over the years various unsavoury characters have demanded entry to our home to seize the TV which did upset the Sainted One who normally remains aloof from disturbances of an unpleasant nature. I have been accused of being Mrs Bogey on some occasions and once a sad woman did come here and claiming that her errant husband lived here and that I was complicit in concealing him, but he had another name at the time. Anyway the Bogey is active again and has absconded somewhere in Spain with a fiat Panda. So the hunt for the Bogey and the Panda is on and the only lead is our address. Watch this space. The Spanish Police would not be seen dead anywhere near a overcooked Brussels Sprout which can resemble a bogey actually, but as they will have come such a long way, in the spirit of Christmas I will offer them a mince pie.

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