Nadine “Respondiat Superior” (the buck stops here) and The Spectator

I am cancelling my subscription to the Spectator! I love that magazine but not any more. This week they printed the diary of an air head called Nadine Dories. In case you didn’t know; she is one of the women who has managed to crash through the barrier of male dominated, dark suited chauvinist club that is Parliament. Nadine you are a disgrace, you have let us all down, and you clearly do not appreciate how hard other people have worked to give you this opportunity, to prove that women can do the job just as well, and in some cases better, than men.

How can this woman who dumped her constituents and neglected her Parliamentary duties, to make herself into a cheap “celebrity” eating camel’s body parts on a TV show, justify such a thing? Well the Spectator have given her serious space on their exclusive pages to do so, and it even riled the Sainted One… who is not given to opinions on matters that he does not think concern him. She explains that she felt it necessary to prove that members of Parliament were in touch with the people, and that her trip was to advance causes that people believe in ( how about cruelty to camels)???? and that she had an enormous fan base and has thus given democracy a great boost. Bollocks Nadine, in a vernacular you will now be used to, in view of the low life you have recently spent your constituent’s time with.

I bet Nadine continued to draw her salary while she was being an “ambassador” for all that is so depressing about women who cannot rise to the challenge and think they can change the system ,news for you babe, you can’t change it, just do it better, “had your chance missed it” as Dame Edith said to the understudy. There is so much to be said on this subject, and this idiotic woman does not deserve air time, Spectator what were you thinking of? I bet that it was a secret plot to diminish women who think they can step out of the kitchen … you will learn a bitter lesson Nadine, let’s face it you have blown it for us women.

I personally put my head on the line whilst working as a journalist at the same time the Sainted One was being an exemplary Member of Parliament and sometimes our family suffered because of his priorities.. I wrote a lot about the need for the humanising influence of women in Parliament, and once Conservative Central Office were asked about my outspoken views, their infamous reply was “ nobody is interested in what wives think”.

We have come a long way since then, and the road is paved with women who have made this possible for you, but Nadine you have taken us ALL!!! back into the jungle … shame on you.

Mrs Bercow and Blue Eyebrows

So the air is alive again a cacophony of sound, Mrs Bercow or Mrs Speaker as she is otherwise known is tweeting again. She was silenced for a few days, no doubt because of the threat of an expensive law suit. But she is back , one has to admire the woman’s tenacity. We all loved the suggestion that, it was only because she was a woman that she was ridiculed for her big mouth … got news for you babe, if you were a man, parading about in a sheet and lip gloss on your blabber mouth would get you nowhere at all. So milk it for all its worth Mrs Burcow, because you are a woman, but you do your whole sex a great disservice, and have a care, “one day you will be old” ,as one fine old gentleman famously said to another air head who had no care for her reputation. Mr Bercow, let’s face it, your lady is not the type to stay home and “tidy her drawers” no pun intended of course. Three hundred years ago she would have been put in a scolds bridle, then she would not have been able to have her cake and eat it whilst enjoying the reflected status and protection of a powerful husband.

In my own small way of course, I struck a note of sensationalism this week end. I had my albino eye lashes and eyebrows dyed in Ryde High Street. I did not examine the result before emerging into a cold winter afternoon and noticed people were looking at me, at first I was rather pleased, as I became invisible a long time ago. But when I got home The Sainted One told me the horrible truth, my eye brows were a sinister shade of electric blue . There was rather a nasty and indelicate remark about blue rinsed ladies with what I thought was a double entendre. No amount of scrubbing can change this so I have to make them dark brown with a pencil and I look like Groucho Marks ……By and large this was not a good weekend.