The Sound Of Music and a Serious Case of Vanratty.

During Christmas we managed to squeeze in the annual viewing of The Sound of Music, which must be the greatest film of all time. There is nothing like it for cheering everyone up . I once performed the role of Maria with an amateur group in Eastbourne, we had full house for several performances. A deliciously eccentric woman was the Mother Superior and upset all the Spanish waiters in the Grand Hotel on the esplanade by going there in full costume and responded to their respectful genuflections by demanding a double Scotch on the rocks and a packet of Rothmans. Whilst watching the film I mentioned, as I always do, how drop dead gorgeous Christopher Plummer was and how I closed my eyes during said performances and thought about him. One of the male persons made a nasty remark, I shall not repeat it here.

My adorable, bionic, cleaning assistant has been on holiday. The house has been full to the brim and at one time the washing occupied the whole floor space of what is laughingly called the laundry room. Hoovers are very heavy, especially when carried up five floors. We had a change of guests in our studio and I split a gut getting it right, but during Christmas a temporary occupant had done something terrible with the kettle. This and other domestic hygiene and culinary issues have been a marathon, and like a Sumo wrestler I find the only way to endure this is to emit loud verbal expletives. One of the many males who occupy the rooms in this house did come out during a particularly vocal period, thus interrupting another twelve hour rest, and comment the I did sound rather stressed. This sentiment has been remarked upon and concurred with by the Sainted One who suggests that these duties should be carried out with a bright smile and a cheerful demeanour, to which I replied that women do it, but they don’t necessarily have to pretend they enjoy it. I think this response has been deemed to be offensive, I can’t think why?

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