More On The Subject of She Wolves and What Women Want .

A very smart journalist wrote a very germane piece in the New Statesman in which she said women are angry because they think they are not loved as much as they should be and want to have gorgeous bodies resembling , and I quote here “ the ideal body shape like a Brazilian transsexual” yep I go along with that all of it, and for the record I am a heterosexual. I am sure I would be loved more, especially by the Sainted One( presently away with a food parcel) if I had a glorious, slim, perfectly toned hairless body with enormous breasts which did not sag at all, and fabulous thin ankles and legs like a race horse. I mean let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look like that? But these comments have apparently caused great offence to transsexuals and resignations have been called for, and questions were asked in the House Of Commons by some ridiculous woman “member”. Apparently it was all in the wording, it would have been Ok if it had read “transsexual people” I don’t get it, are there such things as transsexual poultry, cows, horses zebras … let’s do a paper on this. The author of the piece Suzanna Moore would do it well, she is hilarious, her reply to this “storm in a merkin” was to say “people can F…. off really. Cut their dicks off and be more feminist than me” . The woman is a riot .

Now to the subject of “She Wolves”… I pointed out to the author of said book last night that women who are ruthless enough to make it as leaders, are vile to other women. They are the most sexist and anti feminist of all homo sapiens, and would never give another woman a leg up ( excuse the genre) and would never dream of appointing a successor at all, because they never think they are going to die, and if confronted with this inevitability, it would never be another woman. I always feel nervous in the company of really powerful women and one thing I notice is that they have a horrible old age, because they have no women friends, and are consequently very lonely.

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