Nasal Hair and She Wolves

There are several things going on here. Last night I was invited by a very intellectual friend to a very select club in Pall Mall to listen to a talk given by a brilliant and most beautiful woman called Doctor Helen Castor. The subject was Queens of Power in Medieval and Tudor England. It was a joy to listen to, this woman constructs the most perfect and musical sentences and knows exactly how to connect with a room full of people whatever their cerebral capabilities. Above all she does not talk down and feel it necessary to tell you how clever she is , actually she doesn’t need to. Now for the connection with the above , there was a very annoying male person in the audience, with a high opinion of himself, who kept interrupting whenever the thing got anywhere near something biological such as Queen Elizabeth the first’s virginity. I cast a disapproving glance in this persons’ direction and noticed that he had a rain forest of nasal hair and dreaded the thought that I might be seated next to him at dinner. You see in Lambeth we live in a nuclear free zone, as we are informed reassuringly various road signs. Our house is also a “nasal hair free zone “ I am very severe on the subject and I am glad to say have not had reason recently to implement any penalties against a flouting of this sacred rule. I perused in my mind just what I would do if the seating plan put me in such an unpleasant position at dinner later and recalled how that great Queen Elizabeth reacted when Lord Oxford accidentally broke wind at court the great Queen  banished him for twenty years and when he finally returned she announced “ Lord Oxford we have forgot the fart” .

The door bell rang back later!!!!!!

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