Carpe Diem, The Glass Half Full and the Garden Lights.

Basically “carpe diem” from Horace’s Odes tells us to eat drink and be merry because frankly that’s what you’ve got, just that single moment when you burn the potatoes, which I do a lot. I am all for that, but the Sainted One is very structured, for example, fairy lights are for Christmas or may be Coronations , but those are mercifully rare, well you know what I mean. Anyway there is a daily issue about the lights in the garden , one of the nine sets which appear at Christmas, I will not allow these to be removed as they cheer us all up in these dog days of winter. There is another male in the house who has begun to mention this, and it may be developing into an issue, but the lights are staying, you hear me people.

This brings me to the subject of the glass of wine; one is often asked if you are the glass half full or the glass half empty type? In fact I was asked this only yesterday. My immediate response was, glass not half anything, completely full is the only way. But round here this is difficult. A request for a glass of wine is greeted with “are you sure because you had one yesterday?” This is followed by references to the Baileys consumed with the cleaning assistant with elevenses and of course the cherry brandy before lunch for medicinal purposes. By the time the inquisition has finished one’s desire for a nice glass of red wine has disappeared completely. Maybe this is a good technique and the Sainted One would be great working in a home for alcoholics but as he would say, that is exactly what this house is so bring on the gin?

Last Night four of us went to the ballet Eugene Onegin at Covent Garden, many people around us held up mobile phone screens and seemed to think it was acceptable to film sequences of the ballet and send them to friends. Of course moi did a lot of shoulder tapping and “excuse would you mind tuning that off”, stuff. Once all this had stopped it was beautiful and uplifting. I think the Sainted One adored it but one can never really tell. I hope so because I took out another mortgage to pay for the tickets, but that’s what I mean about Horace’s words, they say it all, it’s a great evening for the price of two parking tickets, as Paul Maze, my mentor once said, “My dear you will only regret the things you have not done , never the things you have done.” Now there is a man who never wasted a minute of his life. How right he was, last night set us all up for weeks. The lights are still on. I hope you all liked the picture of my dog taken by a very talented woman , now there is a dog who knows how to live she just goes for it. But it is true to say she does make mistakes, she is an escapologist; she gets into the next garden, nobody knows how, and then she has hysterics and can’t get back, but then life is a bit like that, but I always rescue her.

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