The Case of The Travelling Pyjamas.

By and large I am one for respecting people’s privacy, and attempting to elevate my brilliant brain to subjects such as cruelty to animals .. the wonderful escapism of historical research and of course shopping. However sometimes one is forced into the dreary realm of domestic enquiry. One such has resulted in a fierce exchange of words with the Sainted One . This was a pity, as he had just about been rehabilitated after the Lavatory Brush Scandal. It is all about the mysterious brown bag he carts up and down to the Isle of Wight. I had begun to put two and two together and link this container to the constant drama of missing pyjamas . The awful truth was discovered…. the offending items are religiously conveyed to the Island each time we visit to be “finished off” before washing, a weekly only wash is set in stone, it is something to do with the war, that means that on day six they are transported to use for one more night and then go over the allotted time when cleansing is a matter of urgency . The grim truth is that there is no spare pair because that would be considered profligate … I have decided that travelling with a pair of dirty pyjamas is offensive, rather like having an accident and being found with soiled underwear. I will find a way of dealing with this just you wait and see.

Tonight we are dining with some hilarious people at a very gourmet place so am eating nothing until then, but have had the coffee with Baileys since I have undertaken to give up alcohol for lent, so it is vital to have as much fun as possible before this. We have been entertained for all meals during the weekend which I know has been noted for future reference when meal preparation becomes an issue and Moi gets kitchenitis. It is a great thing to be flexible, I think roles should not be defined and peoples usefulness should not be related to rigid concepts of role allocation, those of you who are very sharp will know what I mean.

I am presently researching the court of George 2nd . … Queen Caroline died of an umbilical hernia left untreated because she didn’t want anyone to see her naked. Finally when her insides burst out through the hole, the court physicians were able to see and promptly cut off her bowel instead of stuffing it back in . Of course they were all men and therefore peculiar. I do not believe a woman would have done such a thing . Sorry but there is much truth in this, perhaps this is why Call The Midwife is such a popular programme.

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