Sex Workers for the over Eightees

There is something vaguely upsetting about the concept of taking innocent children to see Granddad in his retirement home and finding a red sock on his bedroom door which means that he is engaged with a sex worker. Now apparently a useful service to be provided to old persons in retirement homes and we are also told that pensioners are getting sexually transmitted diseases because they are all embarking on active sexual adventures without protection. I don’t know who all these people are, and where this research is coming from, but most grandparents I know including Moi are not in the frame for that sort of thing. It is absolutely horrible to think about, but does remind me of a very funny joke about a family who go to see granddad and find him engaged with a rubber life sized female blow up number and the son says, “We have seen this before but never with one who breaks wind and flies out of the window.” Of course this is a Jewish Joke they are always the best. I must fly now.

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