Elizabeth Harwoodand Living not Dying with Breast Cancer

Elizabeth Harwood was my dearest friend, I met her when she rented a cottage we had near Glyndebourne when she was singing the countess In Figaro. She was Godmother to my son Andy and she encouraged him to take up the Flute at which he was supremely gifted . He played Gluck’s Dance of the Blessed Spirits at her funeral when he was only twelve; it was then that I realized he was a rare performer, and had real courage and fortitude . I always thought she was there in spirit and still is . I think of her a lot, especially in the last fourteen months since my beautiful daughter was diagnosed with the same breast cancer. I think she is there because twenty years on women do not die, thanks to the incredible progress in treating this horrible disease they live . They may never be cured but they contain it, and live good and in a sense more valuable lives . I have been watching with awe as this battle has been fought, it makes me proud . I found this picture of Elizabeth and wished this research had been more advanced then, she still had so much to offer the world . I often feel she is there watching this miracle.

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