Manet and the Circle of Life

Yesterday I went to see the Manets at the Royal Academy. The thing about his work which is so inspiring is his love of people and domestic life, it is an affectionate take on life and he looks for the beauty in things as opposed to the ugliness. My mentor the painter Paul Maze was also like that, he found beauty wherever he looked, frozen in one moment. I learnt an interesting thing at the weekend, which was an explanation as to why it is more difficult to recall names and things as you get older. Apparently the brain is too full of information and the filing system has to click into action and go into the archives and the thing flashes into the brain at some wholly unsuitable time . Of course this is why when therapy delves into past events that the brain has wisely put into a delete file are resurrected it causes a tropical storm. I am hopeless at managing many things in my own life but excellent at suggesting practical solutions for other people, as I know my own failings so well. Often we draw circles we start with them in the middle centre of their domain and then construct circles around them in order of priority. It works brilliantly and interesting things come of it.

I watched Mary Berry on my I player last night and thought she was fabulous, what an inspiration the woman is and still going strong with perfect make up , manicured nails, pretty hair and homely food  . I vowed to sharpen my act but it is how to fit it all in that is the problem round here. The Sainted One came out of his study twice yesterday . I won’t say why. Today I will be thinking of Mary Berry as I prepare for yet another family party here. I shall make a chocolate roulade for a birthday and try to do as well as MB, sadly it is a send off for one of the many who refer to me as Gaga. He is off to some faraway place for three years and I am very sad about it for many reasons, but the circle of life will bring him back , this I know.

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