From the Horses Mouth To the Plate, The Dogs Dinner and The Names in the Freeze.

So the greedy supermarket chains have been dobbed in for tricking us into eating Dobbin. So why is the public becoming all outraged that we have been consuming horses slaughtered and transported in the most disgusting way in Lasagne’s and other meat products? I have not noticed any such sensitivities about poor old milk cows that are past their sell by date, or wretched sheep who are shipped about the globe in cruel and inhumane circumstances, and those darling little lambs who dance about on Easter cards . I suppose it would be the same sort of outrage if it were Rover the poor old dog we were eating with a nice green salad. The fact is that we do not have to use meat from abroad we have our own and plenty of it. Also we do have slaughter houses for horses all though anyone who gets the point of horses will feel a repulsion about this . These poor loyal animals have a relationship with human beings which is time honoured and retired horses deserve our respect.

The simple fact is that all meat products should be labelled and the customer should be able to see how it was produced and where it comes from. I have a love hate relationship with meat eating, and I am passionate about the work of Compassion In World Farming, who have a practical and effective attitude to the world of meat eaters. They have fought for the humane treatment of the creatures we serve on our tables which chimes with the long term benefits of healthy and informed consumption of food; the journey from field to table should be as short and humane as possible. Anyone who wants to learn more about this and protecting their families from the dangers of eating uncontrolled products should go to the Compassion website. The link is on my website.

Our fridge is much in use, two very charming grandsons are resident at the moment and we talk a lot about food. The fridge door is opened frequently and the worn patch on the floor in front of it is getting bigger. Last night one of them ate the dogs dinner which was carefully placed on the bottom shelf next to some mixed vegetable stew which also disappeared. I am told it was delicious and have not revealed the truth so you see I am as bad as the evil supermarket chains in principle. Mind you labelling here is of no avail, I made a chocolate roulade and put a note on it saying do not touch. This made no difference the sides were shaved off in one of the night time fridge raids.

During Sunday lunch someone found out that the names of persons who are vexatious to me get put in a jar in the deep freeze. Sometimes they get rehabilitated but this has to be undertaken with care.When this was revealed , there was an ugly rush to the freeze in the middle of lunch and it was not so much the names as the combinations which caused the most hilarity. I did put the Sainted One there for bit. But not for long on that occasion, because he knew something was going on and made a nice remark about something, only one mind you….and got some theatre tickets. However the jar has a vacancy because the young ones complained that I was being unreasonable with one of the people because they meant well. This is rubbish of course because people who mean well are lying deceitful toads because if they meant well they wouldn’t actually piss you off. The Sainted One should watch his step with this thing he has about moi and foxes, apparently the recent horror in Bromley is my fault because I do feed the foxes at the end of the garden along with Bobbie and Arthur. My theory is that if they are not hungry they won’t attack babies. A fox expert I know and respect says the male foxes must be caught, castrated, and returned to their families where they will become decent foxes living in well ordered, self-limiting, communities. I agree with that. The adorable huge grandson who ate the dogs dinner has just made a prawn salad , he is a marine biologist. I am thinking carefully about this.

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