The House of Lords , the Poison Haddock and The Balkans War

We had a delightful dinner at the House of Lords last night our host and hostess are glamorous and high flying and I usually feel rather underdone on these occasions until I find some common ground on which I can tell everyone how terribly clever I once was. Last night I started on about The Loss of The Wager in 1741 about which I am writing at the moment in my book which features my great ancestor Admiral Anson. For those of you who do not know the loss of this ship was a dramatic and keenly felt event since it was the supply ship and essential to the needs of the rest of the fleet, its loss deprived them of the sustenance which would have prevented many hundreds of subsequent deaths on this epic voyage which circumnavigated the globe.

Our host did not know anything about this event and after a while I could see that my story did not have what is known as legs. I asked him if I was being terribly boring and of course he said no. But then he quickly began to tell me about the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the war in the Balkans. This he did most eloquently as one would expect him to, I am going to read up about. But the point of this story is that about the time that I lost my “ wey” with the naval story( I hope you got the pun) the Sainted One was regaling an enraptured group who were hanging on his every word, and I strained my ears to hear just what it could be which was of such a sensational nature . Guess What…..!! it was the story about the Haddock which he said I left to poison him. I do not know whether the dark side of this event was suggested in detail, but one thing is certain you never can tell what people are going to find of interest, perhaps I should get onto health issues otherwise known as Organ Recitals. The Sainted One does this a lot . Life is just not fair is it?

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