The Vow oof Silence, one Poppadum and the Smell of Bacon.

The Sainted One has definitely taken a vow of silence. Mind you I suppose the endless stream of stuff which comes from moi, which of course I find absolutely fascinating ( well someone has to) must at times be rather annoying . The silence thing would be OK actually if it were not punctuated with rather pointless corrections an illustration of which would be , “ my goodness it is four O clock already,” This happened in the car and the response was” no it is one minute to.”

I suppose this is reassuring really because this at least is proof of sentient life.

We returned to our London abode where several young males are in residence, to find an empty fridge except for a poppadum, half a very stale yoghurt, four potatoes and two shrivelled carrots. There was however a pungent smell of frying bacon, this I have tried to disguise with samples of room spray acquired over the festive season. Our Internet was down on the Isle of Wight which made me feel very paranoid. Have just opened backlog of emails and a creepy letter about a lost jumper. Never ever open something which says personal and confidential. There is no such thing , secrets are always bad , transparency in all things is the way to protect yourself from the mendacity of the world , how many political careers have been ruined by them when a simple and sad admission would have resulted in a sympathy vote, believe me? Once someone who should not have been in my house at the time, misconnected the answer machine and when a despicable nosy reporter rang hoping to bully and trick one of my children, they had a complete recording of a very confidential conversation of such sensational content that any rumours that might have been circulating about this were instantly dismissed as a giant send up. Game over as they say.

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