Hilary has Lost the Plot

Has Hilary Mantel gone nuts or is it just sour grapes? A horrible character assassination of our beloved Duchess of Cambridge is unacceptable but all the more so from a woman who needs to get her teeth fixed and wears a converted marquee. Does Marquee woman think she should be a role model for young girls? Marquee woman has given us too much information about her insides and claims her appearance is a result of the treatment she has to have for her not so private ailment. Well that was until yesterday a matter for her, but now marquee woman has thrown herself wide open ( whoops excuse the choice of words) to personal attack and much of it will be about her own appearance. She describes our beautiful immaculate Duchess as if she were a brainless Cindy Doll and on the day the poor girl gets up off her pregnancy sick bed to attend a charity event. It’s open season now Marquee woman, and haven’t you read anything about the greatest health risk in the UK which is obesity. The Duchess has got it so right she looks gorgeous is a great boost to the economy she is doing a grand job and will produce a clever beautiful child.

Bang goes your invite to Kensington Palace so you had better become a disciple for weight watchers you would have a great fan club . Personally I don’t think Marquee woman knows anything about how women feel and what they want which is why in her books she concentrates on creepy men, and lots of detail to let us know how hard she has researched her material.

Talking of looks underneath you will sees a picture of my daughter Lucie looking fabulous fifteen months after being diagnosed with serious Breast Cancer. Her draconian treatment and weight inducing drugs have not made her look anything but healthy and gorgeous. She is an example of looking good to feel good an example of how even the most terrible of afflictions can be controlled with courage and perseverance .

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