The “Price of Revenge” ! The Best Revenge is Happiness.

Poor Vicki Pryce, she had lousy women friends or perhaps very few, or perhaps none at all. Anyway she must be rather dim actually for all her academic success. There have been many examples of clever women who got revenge in rather less draconian self-abusive ways.  I know a woman who put all her husband’s clothes in a skip and set fire to them. A friend of mine wrote a brilliant book called  “The Revenge Of The Middle Aged Woman” it was a best seller and the heroine did find happiness because she was rather philosophical. Frankly as it has turned out “Miss Pryce,” as she ridiculously likes to be called, has revealed herself to be a shrewish sort of person and I don’t blame her husband for wanting out. What on earth possessed the woman to bring her entire family to ridicule and ruin and how stupid to kill all the geese that laid the golden eggs for her family? No starter flats now for thy Pryce children, and why didn’t one of them stop the whole thing before it got going?

Any woman I know would have warned her not to go down that path; but frankly she looks a trifle odd, still smiling smugly as she is driven off in the sweat van to Holloway. She may think it was worth it in a barmy sort of way, but another thing she doesn’t know is that men always win. He will slot back into life after prison, write his story, recoup his finances and live happily with his lady friend, who I must say had been very dignified and loyal. He will most probably mend bridges with his kids and in the end and look quite distinguished with the patina of suffering … but her? No she will look more and more raddled and become even more embittered and God help him, probably haunt him for the rest of his life. That is the kind of woman who never gives up, she makes a Japanese Kamikaze pilot look positively amateur. Did she learn nothing from her Hellenic roots? She might read up on mythology while she is in the nick, she might learn something.

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