Smoke Screens in The House of Commons, Hot Air and Odd Socks.

Can it be true that the Labour MP for Tottenham considered the black and white smoke screens from the Vatican indicting whether or not the new pope has been chosen were full of racial innuendo? Well yes it is true and Mr Lammy used a very grown up word in his complaint, it was, he said “crass” ,the definition of which in the Oxford dictionary is, “ grossly stupid without sensibility of thick course texture” need say no more.

The thought that a person of such ignorance should be representing us in Parliament is beyond belief, the ridicule he must be getting is not sufficient punishment, he should be made to take an IQ test and spend some time studying some elementary history . Surely he has Catholic Constituents who must be insulted by this. Did he think the white smoke meant a white Pope and the converse for a black Pope? Really I think the man needs to reassure us all that he is of sound mind or if he just has a sick sense of humour. Actually his remarks are in themselves racially offensive, minority groups do not need idiots like him giving them a bad name . I am beginning to think there are evil forces at work here, where there is smoke there is fire and there is more to this than meets the eye. I wonder if Mr “Wammy” knows who Saint Francis of Assisi was, after whom the new Pope has chosen to be named? I asked my two Spaniels, who are clearly better informed and educated than Mr Wammy, what they thought about the choice, they both nodded sagely and I am sure one of them quoted Lady Bracknell saying “ignorance is an exotic fruit , touch it and the bloom has gone.”But don’t worry Mr Lammy just go on spouting hot air, it’s all smoke and mirrors, stay as dim as you are and you should do well at Westmister.

I had a wonderful birthday dinner at the weekend prepared  by the “Young”. A lot of birthday cards were hung on a string across the kitchen and the Sainted One complained that the Christmas Cards were still left up. Someone explained that they were birthday cards and not an example of sloppy housekeeping and suggested that the quantity was in some way an indication of popularity. This theory did not meet with agreement from the Sainted One who has a terror of people getting to big for their boots, and there followed a long address setting out the reasons why so many cards had been received, explaining that it was only because  the recipient obviously spent a lot of time sending cards to other people including virtual strangers encountered on public transport, over the year with the senders address included,  to ensure reciprocity, I gave one of my divine enigmatic smiles and thought about the dogs mince in the fridge which would make a nice lasagne for one. The taciturn grandson nudged the Sainted One under the table and muttered “you are saying the wrong thing.” I think the Sainted One and Wammy should have lunch one day, actually they can both put it all up their stove pipes and smoke it.

I sorted all the male person’s socks yesterday, there are twelve odd ones. I have a wonderful idea for a new venture it should be called “Socks Anonymous” all on line like a dating agency. I also found a bra and a pair of girls knickers that were not familiar or of a size or style compatible with female visitors and family.

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