Stanley Johnson, Compassion in World Farming, Gastro Enginering and a Wegan Lunch.

It seems odd I suppose that a table of vegan vegetarians are working for the welfare of animals bred and eaten for meat, but perhaps this is why they are so well placed to do the work they do and makes it even more laudable. I was asked to give a lunch for them in my house by a remarkable lady called Joyce, to whom it is impossible to say no, it took place today and was a great success. The star of the show was Stanley Johnson, who is a great conservationist and has for many years supported CWF. This man, whom I have known for many years, is a class act and kicked off the dialogue brilliantly, with just the right light touch, backed up by some good sound facts . One of the most interesting things he said was that he had never been shopping in his life. This went down a bundle with the Sainted One who I have just educated to go to Sainsbury’s, as long as the items do not number more than about twelve . The thing about supermarket shopping is that, it does not seem like a joyful experience, where selectivity is governed by the taste buds and an interest in the history of things you are eating. That is why it is the supermarkets have to get responsible about what people eat, which is where my thing about Gastro Engineering comes in.

But thanks to the work of groups like CWF this is beginning to happen, even the Sainted One has overlooked the deceptive allure of size rather than quality, and now after a lot of argument recognized the virtues of Burford Brown Eggs as opposed to the flatulent numbers incorrectly labelled as coming from “happy chickens” when look closely and you will see the small print says they are reared in cages….happiness???? . Anyway back to Mr Johnson who gave me a copy of his fascinating book “ Where The Wild Things Are” Travels of a Conservationist . This is a must read, and I hope The Duke of Edinburgh, whom Stanley was about to see at the opening of the new tiger pen at the London zoo will put it in her majesty’s stocking next Christmas.

A very beautiful woman called Melody MacDonald also came to the lunch, who went undercover in to a vile animal experiment laboratory and wrote a book called “Caught In The Act” which she also left for me to read. This woman is immensely brave to have done this, and you have to have strong stomach to read it, especially if you have a cat or a pet rabbit, some of the photos she took, make one ashamed of the human race; we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, but open the box and you will see this is far from the truth. There was also a fine young man who is an animal rights lawyer and we talked about the bad name some animal rights activist give to legitimate protesters . Animals need us to speak for them and Jung had much to say about our abuse of the animal kingdom. It was a privilege to have these people in our house and the Sainted One rose to the occasion magnificently and did half the washing up while I was saying goodbye to them all. We have organically farmed pork belly for dinner the men in the house love it, but the truth on processed meat makes scary reading …. No more sausages I am afraid.

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