Margaret Thatcher The Mother, and Lets stop Slicing The Blame Cake.

I do wish people would stop this moaning about parents. Blaming the parents is a convenient way of shelving your own inadequacies onto someone else. As the joke goes “low self-esteem is catching, you get it from your children”. I have been reading a lot of tripe about Margaret Thatcher being a bad mother. Excuse me, but would her children rather have been born to an unmarried prostitute in Soweto? Or would they rather have not been born at all? Actually I have not heard them going on about this, but other people say they have, and that Margaret Thatcher’s daughter once screamed at her “ you are an awful mother.” Do tell me what mother has not received similar remarks from their children, I would like to meet her? Actually you have won the lottery if your mother is one of the most iconic women ever born, maybe she didn’t have time to read you a bedtime story but so what? My mother never read me a story or, washed my shirts, or told me the facts of life, or held my hand when I was ill, but she gave me some very hard coxes orange pippins when I had my tonsils out but that is in not the reason I am arachnophobic and all the other phobics, hate apples and am numerically dyslexic, and have no sense of direction . By and large parents do their best, and people stuck in a parental blame time warp are probably lousy parents themselves. Their own parents die anyway, and then do you still go on blaming them? I guess some people do, and consequently never really grow up. I do not know Carol Thatcher, but I get the impression she was a very good daughter to her mother and I bet she admired her enormously. There was a picture of Margaret Thatcher’s grandson in the paper today, he looks rather like his grandmother; he has political ambitions and lives in Dallas Texas, I bet he is coasting on a wave of admiration at the moment, he will no doubt have inherited her many fine qualities, who knows what sort of parent he will be but in the end it is genetic?

You will see two pictures on this page, one of Margaret with The Sainted One’s campaign mascot, a blue teddy which went on to be a family heirloom. It was given to her on her campaign visit to Exeter by a university student, one of many young people to whom this great lady spoke in a most motherly kind of way, she was the same with our family. You will notice in the photo that Moi is looking respectful with downcast eyes , that is the effect she sometimes had on people, she was awesome. She was after all, in basic Jungian terms, a mother figure to the nation, you either love them or hate them, but they know what is good for you.

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