Pivetol Encounters in a Jacuzzi.

I was feeling quite good about myself this morning, but not anymore. There are a lot of wonderful people coming to lunch and I spent all day yesterday cooking. I must say it does all look very nice. Plus I have a new makeup which I am assured fills in all the wrinkles. Unwisely I got into a dialogue with the Sainted One who it is fair to say did the breakfast today. There is a lot of talk about the political assassination of “you know who” I won’t mention the name again because it is now overkill……. The thing has been done to death!!!! But I reminded him of when we were on a parliamentary junket two weeks before this strange but predictable event, in a very hot place, when whilst lying blamelessly and alone in a Jacuzzi, I was joined by a sparsely clad “member” of the “Nameless” person’s alleged henchmen. I mentioned to the man that I thought they should actually be in London because the “leader” was under threat, and was languidly rebuffed for the suggestion. I will draw a veil over the rest. However I alluded to this at breakfast today in the context of the matter up for discussion, following the gripping TV coverage last night. There was a silence and then the SO said “I still find this hard to believe , I cannot think of a single reason why he would have wanted to do that.” I reminded him that he met me in a swimming pool and he wasn’t slow in coming forward, but it didn’t cut any ice…. It’s the big freeze at the moment, can’t remember why, I think it is domestic.

“Plus ca change” My mentor Paul Maze said to me once said to me, “ In life you will never regret the things you have done, only the things you have not done.” It’s not all bad though I have a very nice lunch date next week. Nothing like that of course but luncheon companions generally say nice things which boost your morale, and I can be very amusing at lunch time.

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