Love Is All it Takes, is That Really True???

Actually no, it takes a bit more than that. A bit of money and a fabulous faded villa on the Italian Riviera, Oh and I forgot to mention Piers Brosnan. Eat your heart out Hugh Jackman, Piers Brosnan is every middle aged woman’s dream, and he has great hair, I wonder if he gets his suits at Hacketts? Today has been a challenging day and many a tear has been shed quietly, and there have been some things which unexpectedly showed a great deal of love and kindness; I am told it is OK to be sad. Of course that is true, it is the beginning of wisdom, but even so, thank you to the Danish genius who made that lovely film we have just seen “Love Is All It takes”. It quite lifted my mood, but we got home from the cinema feeling very happy except they are economising on the heating, banking on all the ladies being warmed by the simmering looks in Mr Brosnan’s eyes. But I felt rather cold, in fact so cold, I began to feel I might have kidney failure.

I suggested a fire to the Sainted One … you know the sort which has to be lit with MATCH! This was greeted with amazement and the question was repeated twice. I held my ground, and then there was an in depth interrogation as to how long before I went to bed, and therefore was it worth it? The cut-off point was two hours. But that is real life for you. I dread the day when this criteria is applied to a new coat for example. Anyway to be fair there is a wonderful fire now, men would have better lives if they imagined themselves in a film script.

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