Serendipity Grace and Visitors.

I bet you all encounter serendipity all the time and don’t see it staring you in the face. How about this one? Today I surfaced and spoke to my publishers , because I am writing a book called Summers Grace , what I hope will be the third of a trilogy for the wondrous Quartet. I spoke for the first time to their very savvy newish publicist, and of course she is called Grace. Not only that, she turns out to be best buddies with my eldest granddaughter. She and I are going to get along!!!!! More on this, as they say watch this space. It’s great to love your publishers , not many people do; I once heard a publisher declaim in a tired sort of voice , “Its Ok being a publishers if it wasn’t for the authors”.

Now about these visitors, firstly , I thought yesterday that the breakfast granola was unusually gritty and that the sesame seeds looked rather dark. On closer inspection I discovered a flourishing mouse new town complete with schools, health care, hospitals catering outlets, and four star accommodation. I feel awful about this but Tom the mouse man is coming on Friday. The other news is that a number of NEW ODD SOCKS have come to live here. They must have moved in over the weekend when we were away. Of course there is always a history and maybe a happy ending for an odd sock. I have laid them out in rows on the kitchen table.

Then there is the cousin reunion which is happening again at the end of May. The Texans, the Italians and others from far-flung places; these remarkable people all come from the same grandparents, they have all done astonishing things because of primogenitor. Their grandparents were chucked out of the nest, mine too of course, which is why we have all these fabulous interesting cousins. I had lunch with one of them yesterday and his story began in Canada, but he seems to have harnessed all his talents and is raising a dazzling family as regular Brits.

By and large these plans are under close censorship and I know you will all be very discrete, the Sainted One gets twitchy about all this, I have only told him about the ones who live in Steyning, who are coming to lunch on Sunday. We will talk about our grandma a lot and her sausage dog Jimmy. I always felt this dog was rather underappreciated by us, I see it all differently now of course because I am trying to be tolerant in all things …… no I am not actually. I don’t want to be one of those Mrs Mouse Saint Women who wear old clothes and look neat ….. and always knows best and is referred to as “the salt of the earth” . No chance actually.

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