Mystery Tours, The Battle of The Begonias, and Bores.

I have lost the battle of the Begonias, but at least they are not dark red. These have now been planted by the Sainted One in the dead of afternoon. But I am only telling you in secret because I do not want to offend him any more than usual because round here people “take a fence before they come to it”. Not all of them actually. Anyway the SO apart from regimental planting does do a wonderful job in the garden . At the weekend we went out to a very beautiful house for dinner , the host and hostess are supremely good gardeners but the winds were so strong it was not possible to walk in them, and truthfully we were marginally “en retard” which is French for late, which is relevant to this account, as you will see. The lateness was on account of a mystery tour, the driver was one other most illustrious of persons on the Isle of Wight, and also a load of fun, as is his wife, but they are local you see, and always locals tell you they know a brilliant short cut……… the rest is history, there is a moral here.

A man at another dinner the week before, who bored for England told me his entire life history, but when it got to the bit about his conception despite his mother’s fibroids, I turned to my other neighbour,

We have been out rather too much recently. The following night, at a dinner, one of my neighbours had a conversation “at me” which was all anecdotal. There was the occasional use of French German and Italian not sentences but single words. I was most impressed, each time I interrupted by suggesting we continued the conversation in these languages, all of which as you all know I speak absolutely fluently!!!!!!! On each occasion he swiftly declined, out of what he called deference to our hosts, whom, he suggested might not be as fluent as he was in all these tongues…. I told him I also spoke Mandarin Chinese.

I have a very lovely first cousin whose husband likes to trawl into our ancestry, there has always been a mystery about our grandmother from West Texas, it has just been revealed that my grandparents were married by a Rabbi, and there is more, watch this space, many things are beginning to be explained , I wish I had always known this I find it strangely resolving and very moving.

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