Joanna Lumley, John Major, and Anna Maria Pisapia, What Do they Have in Common?

I will tell you what they have in common, I talked to them all yesterday, Joanna Lumley at a meeting with Compassion in World Farming, expressly to discuss the horrific pig farming practices in Europe and most surprising of all Southern Ireland. That is where Anna Maria comes in , these are two beautiful women who devote time energy and love to the magnificent work of CWF. Lumley is a class act celebrity, and very charming and beautiful and surprise, surprise, communicates like a normal ordinary person, which is what makes her so effective. She once turned up at the House of Commons with a piglet, the results were astonishing. The “grey suits” were on the case at once and all buying into backing a change in the law regarding the rearing of these intelligent creatures, who actually scream with pain and fear throughout all their lives in the murky sheds in some parts of Europe. In the USA these animal practices are so horrific that they are guarded by armed hoodies, and anyone photographing them is prosecuted and sent to chokey. Anna Maria is the CWF director in Italy, a new venture for Italians, she is brave and articulate, when you next eat your Prosciutto Ham and Parmesan cheese, check out her web site, you will be surprised! The men in this house eat bacon they love it , but shockingly the discerning shopper will find it impossible to find out how that pig was reared. Get on the case you shoppers, you hold the power, use it.

Now John Major is a different matter, he is not as pretty as the two gorgeous women I have mentioned, but the Sainted One says he was the best PM he ever worked with in twenty seven years, he also has this quality of non pompous communication. When I saw him this week I recalled the time I sat next to him and mentioned that his cold sore would improve with some Zorvex cream, I got the SO to take some round to Number Ten the next day. John wrote a most delightful thank you note. He is like that, a very good sense of humour, with a quality practically unknown in a politician, he can laugh at himself, I always think he has the last laugh actually, he was much more effective than most people realize, of course it is the super smart people who see that!

I returned from one of these gatherings rather late, and found the SO circling like a grey shark, the trick is not to catch the eye , if you do you will be expected to provide food….. in the case of the real one YOU, but in the trousered variety, it is back to the kitchen where you belong. I retired quickly and finished The Hare With Amber Eyes ,which was the second reading. It makes you think ….. people pretended not to see what went on with the Jews in the thirties, but they knew all right, and we should think of man’s inhumanity not just to itself but to the animal kingdom as well. Join CWF. At least people have a voice but pigs don’t unless you listen carefully …….

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