Remission For Lucie, an Eighteenth and I Cant Stand Begonias

The inspirational daughter Lucie is in remission again!!!! She has had a terrible sixteen months since her diagnosis of Stage four Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Many procedures and treatments were endured with fortitude, courage and bravery and a wonderful husband, superb medical care and prayers from all over the world, including my beautiful friends at the cash till in Sainsbury’s. She doggedly researched anti cancer diets and stuck to them rigidly. The Scans and tests were last week and we all waited with hope and fear, knowing that whatever they revealed she would be an example to us all to show the same dignity and faith she has found on this cruel journey. She is writing a book about all this looking out over the sea in our house on the Isle of Wight. Her story must be spread like the gospel, it is a message of hope for the hundreds of women who can fight this awful disease. Celebrity stories telling us about women having preventative Mastectomies, and attend film premieres four weeks later with a dazzling smile, and new breasts to match are not how it really is. Women who have breasts removed with full blown cancer in their bodies are a very different story and their challenges must not be trivialized by front page journalism.

Last night we had my Grandson’s eighteenth birthday, he had two exams for his A Levels on that day and his calm was astonishing ….this is a bloke who is actually as good as he looks , now that is saying something. I have told his father that when he gets the results we expect it will be Lunch at the Ritz and not the set menu, as a reward for the cuisine he enjoys here, which had definitely played a part in his well nourished brain cells, it was a wonderful evening. Being with young people is a time of laughter and fun, and especially if they are all your grandchildren so we have the same rather shocking sense of humour. There is a new honorary member of the clan who has exactly the same sense of the ridiculous.

I dreamed I had tea with Princess Margaret again , she has been dead for a long time I must have a word with my dream planner .

Of course in every life a little rain must fall, and the clouds descended this morning when the Sainted One announced he was going to plant a lot of horrible dark red Begonias again. Subtle hints have been dropped over the last thirty years, but subtlety does not work with him so I came straight out with it. I do not like Begonias, especially dark red planted in rows. There was a terrible tantrum and I expect tight lipped silence for at least a week. There will be a temporary recovery tonight at a very glam party we are attending so anything is better than nothing I always say. However fair is fair and it must be said the S O does wonders in the garden and there is now a lot of bare earth which I propose to fill with exotic herbs and such like. Watch this space! This kind of planting plays a big part in the domestic lives about the people I am writing about in the eighteenth century.