Last Night I met Anne Boleyn, and If You Need a Phone ask a Hoodie.

Yes I did meet Anne Boleyn, or at least her reincarnation, in the form of a beautiful clever actress called Lydia Leonard, she is to play her in the adaptation, of Wolfe Hall to be staged by the RSC this autumn. I have studied Boleyn a lot because I think she was one of the most important figures in history. She was too clever by half, and did not twig that once she proved herself cleverer than her brute of a husband she was toast. Her courage in fighting for Tyndale’s translation of the bible was heroic and way beyond her time , she was in fact a woman beyond her time and both she and the bible were confined to the flames or the sword, alike in their challenge to the advancement of education for both women and the masses were who were to be kept in anodyne ignorance. Lydia is uncannily like the part she is to play and must have been the casting directors dream.

On the subject of casting a more unlikely hero would be a hoodie lurking in the back streets of the Ryde on the Isle of Wight in the middle of Carnival late at night. This is where I found myself last weekend, no phone, nearly out of petrol and minus reading glasses. The reasons for this are too complicated to explain. However ….. I approached the nearest person who happened to be a hoodie and asked for help, namely could I use his phone…. "dunno” he said at first. I think he very soon saw that I was not a phone robber, and handed me the phone with aplomb when he had dialled the number required. He stood patiently while the circumstances were resolved. I handed him back the phone and said “ If you were my son I would be very proud of you.” He replied “That’s the first time in my ole F……ng life anyone has ever said that to me”. He went his way with the hood down. Perhaps he was an angel , I am told they come in many disguises?

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