Samuel Pepys and the Sainted One , What do They have in Common?

The S. O. should be very flattered actually , I mean to be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest diarist of all time. I once read all the great man’s diary’s at eight AM each morning and didn’t ever read a news paper. I will not disclose how long it took me. It was a marvellous experience and a much better use of my “fabulous” time that the crappy old papers who all say the same stuff but in different words. But back to the comparison, it’s about seasonal clothing. The great Samuel was sown into his winter vest each autumn and was unsown in the spring . One year this event was postponed until June because of unusually inclement weather. Here is the thing , the S. O . sows himself into a pair of khaki shorts in late summer, these are never cleansed because they are not made available for washing during this time ; a guest enquired today if he was off to the beach again? I then pointed out the patina of stains and was treated to a long litany of names of persons who frequently wore shorts, none of these people impressed me however, and I refrained from being the B….. that I am by suggesting that they were twenty something nerds. Anyway “ shortly” after this I was informed that the weather is changing tomorrow and the shorts will can be washed. This has not been good look, that and the wrinkled yellow socks. Mind you when I was at boarding school we only had clean knickers once a week, so who am I to talk? My son is a fashion guru, he just wrote a thing about manbags I wish he would do one on shorts.

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