Extraordinary People, The Dolls House, and Princess Dogs

You will see below a picture of my daughter Lucie and Moi many years ago at her birthday, that was a splendid celebration, there was another at the weekend, two years since she was diagnosed with very serious breast cancer. Defying all the odds she is in remission and achieving miracles. She owes her life to the team who look after her, (her treatment is on-going) and her astonishing positivity. Along with all she does, running a large and demanding family she has written a book about the last two years….. I have an inkling of its content, it will no doubt be inspirational for anyone contemplating the awful prospect of fighting cancer, because, it is a fight a multifaceted one, make no mistake. I used not to believe so much in the theory of mind over body, but I do now, this book is just one of her great gifts to the world and there are two more books in the pipeline. The old Chinese proverb goes “if your children are no better that you are you have lived in vain, lucky mum hey?

I very splendid young man who is closely involved with our family did something for the girl he adores on her birthday which actually made me cry when I heard about it over Sunday Lunch, and I am a tough nut I can tell you. Tears do not come easily at my stage in life because I have seen so much to weep about, and it makes no difference, just exhausts you. But tears of the of the greatly moved sort are different and must be cherished. This was “the birthday and the doll’s house,”.. how about secretly sourcing a ravishing period dolls house, little sandwiches and all on the tea table, and sneaking it into the girls friends flat in the night, so that she might wake with it at the end of the bed fully lit in the morning ?…… this is a family where loss of houses is a particularly omnipresent theme, both in reality and dreams. This is a man who is in touch! The story of his quest for the house was a novel in itself.

Beatrice, one of the Spaniels does not like to get her feet wet and is scared of loud noises, the recent rain and fireworks put her off the garden so she decided that the Sainted One’s dressing room carpet was the most suitable place for her ablutions. The SO growled so much that my “Nipote” who spends a lot of time here asked if the very small dog was in line for fifty lashes? The punishment has been reduced to no laps for a while, watch this space, the dog does not understand the long diatribes, she listens with an angelic respectful expression, you know it has occurred to me that the dog could teach me thing or two.

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