Melanie Ried, Twelve Years a Slave, and Nemesis is Just Around the Corner.

Yep, there was Melanie having a lovely morning on her beloved horse, and there she is the old Nemesis stalking, waiting, and striking and Melanie, in the blinking of an eye, is tetraplegic. And there is Solomon, a clever middle class black Guy with a picket fence, a lovely family and a gift on the violin. In a single second they are both prisoners, one in her own body and the other on a slave plantation. They both survived Melanie in her head, because she is an astonishing woman. Solomon as played in this remarkable film by Chiwetel Ejoifor, because of his intelligence, and one tiny shaft of decent behaviour in a sink of unimaginable brutality These are both salutary stories, Melanie talks in the Times about health checks and taking your spaniel for a walk in the sun. She hits the spot that woman, I know how lucky I am to be able to take my Spaniels for a walk in the sun, and how lucky I am not to be seriously poor or paralyzed believe me Nemesis we are afraid. Perhaps Saint George, and Pope Dave are also giving a thought to “the Poor”? they don’t see many of them in Notting Hill, Westminster or Oxfordshire though, which is why George has just allocated eleven billion pounds to the poor in other parts of the world, because we are so lucky you see; we don’t have poor people here do we??? Look around George and Dave go to Iceland on the Isle of Wight for starters or Kings Cross in the middle of the night. Twelve Years a Slave is a terrifying film, I didn’t see many black people there, I don’t blame them, I don’t suppose they could stomach it. I came out ashamed to be white and had to go to bed for two days.

Everything you do and say has a consequence, when most of my family died when I was very young, I thought then that I had been singled out, and that God had it in for me and three kind good people he snatched, two of them so young , that is why many years later I started to work for Cruse Bereavement Care. The man who I went to see first of all had been appointed to care for Welsh Village where all its young had been suffocated in a slide from a coal tip. I learned that I was not different, when those grieving parents learned that they also found the great camaraderie of the human spirit. Go and see Solomon’s story but eat first.

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