Crossing Prams, Back to The Codpiece, and Mandela’s Wall.

So how was I to know that the Silver Cross pram was in fact a collector’s item? Well I didn’t until I advertised it for sale for fifty quid. That was a while ago and subsequently I learn that royal babies are put in them.  Now everyone wants it, and I am loathe to part with such a prize at any price and one of my fecund children hasn’t even started to fill prams yet, never mind the bevy of desirable granddaughters; so it is restored to its rightful place in the Isle of Wight. I believe in the coincidental theory, so watch this space. It won’t be empty for long.

Chance is a fine thing, and at last the marmalade is made, the beds are fresh and some are even empty and the Sainted One’s quarters have been spring cleaned, so I opened the door again and walked back into my book Summers Grace and found they were all much as I had left them, so the codpiece rules … that’s how it was and still is to a very large extent (excuse the metaphor , I just cannot help them you see that is how it is when you are a sharp witty genius ) for which I am so admired and adored !!!! except by the SO who does not share this view. Well you can’t win them all.

My very special neighbour is very ill and I am in a hurry to get on with Mandela’s wall, now so called because of the great people who are making it after it blew down in the storm…. We will have a good spring enjoying a new garden etc if God is kind.

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