Happy Pigs, Ginger Pigs and Compassion in World Farming.

Philip Lymbery director of Compassion in World Farming has written a book called Farmageddon. It will make your hair stand on end, but read it you need to know!!!! Pigs are happy intelligent creatures more so than dogs actually. I saw an undercover report on the abuse of pigs which put me off meat for a long time, my family did not appreciate this but then a branch of butchers called “The Ginger Pig” opened near us so we were back to the bacon butties, these people care about where their meat comes from. Not many people do its all about less but better.

The Sainted One is strangely offended today, Dave has come to clean the windows you see and the SO cleaned one of them the other day thinking it would postpone the event, which is considered a profligate extravagance. It did not fool me actually since it was the kitchen window, the assumption being I suppose that I should be allowed a glimpse of the outside world from there. Dave and moi say they were last done in September the SO says it was December … now I ask you all you know me well by now whom do you believe?

People sometimes say nice things about my books, so I suppose they read them then. They spoil it all by saying they have loaned their copy to twenty people and there is a waiting list , I ask you mate is that fair, no it is not? One copy is the price of one and a half cups of coffee or two packs of loo role…… no unnecessary vulgarity please.

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