The Buda With a chip On His Shoulder, The Nipote, and The Pink Dressing Gown.

So, “Mandela’s wall is getting on very well, yesterday whilst digging out the foundations of the original which was built in about 1860 the brilliant Guys found a little bronze Buda. I put him in the dishwasher and he came out beautifully except that he has a chip on his shoulder. The Nipote who likes the atmosphere here and works well on his degree in the calm but at the same time busy life in this rather odd establishment discussed this over a bowl of soup. How did such a thing get there in 1860? I am now obsessing about it, many explanations are brewing, all of them intriguing.

Just as intriguing is the allocation of laundry in this house, The Sainted One asked my hunky grandson if the pink dressing gown with the frilly neck belonged to him the other day. I am puzzled by this kind of thing, I know my support hose gets worn by many people, so I have given up wearing it myself. Everyone of a similar age around me is very ill at the moment, I have made a shrine to the little Buda to pray for them. He was buried all those years for a reason, does the chip mean something ????? Watch this space.

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