Where Do You Find a Horney Cow?!!!

So where do you find a “horney” cow of the four legged kind that is? Apparently a man found one in North London (if the Times is to be believed) not only a cow but some sheep with a come on sort of look. Well yep he found them and he was prosecuted at Wood green Crown court for bestiality. He must have been pretty desperate really because there are not many of those about in North London. The cow caught his eye and he was trying to persuade it to do a sex act on him. Now how do you think he set about it? What was his smooth talking line? Was it “love your udders darling fancy a bit of rough” or what? Well it obviously didn’t work and for that I blame the cow, yes I really do, it should have just made the best of it;  but the sheep, they are quite another matter. I have been told that sheep can have a wayward turn in the eye, and to be frank I have seen a few with a very odd suspicious look, and how do we know the sheep didn’t start it and then they dobbed him in ? I mean you never know with sheep. Anyway the wretched judge had to come on very strong with the jury, who were giggling so much that he sent them to recover themselves with stern warnings, it is possible one of them said he didn’t know what the fuss was about because he had been banging and old cow for some time . I am so glad I was not on that jury, I would have been uncontrollable and probably banged up for contempt of court.

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