Noah’s Flood, Farmageddon, and Town Versas Countryside.

Farmageddon is the book which has just come out written by Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakshott. It is a shock horror read and I am glad to say has become an international bible. Phillip is director of Compassion in World Farming and thus a world authority on the way we treat animals, all animals actually because he has a profound respect for the animal kingdom. I am reading this book and it tells me many things, for example eighty three percent of England is under cultivation. Factory farming is a biblical sin and so is our attitude to the wondrous land which gives us the food we eat. The Somerset levels were reclaimed by Dutch engineers in the seventeenth century and have been flourishing ever since, until that is some townies decided to let all these well tried systems of drainage and dredging fall into disrepair. This planet has seen it all before Noah’s Flood should be a warning to us all. We abuse animals and neglect the land we should treasure at our peril. Lofty visits by blokes in immaculate Hunter boots are fifty years too late and so is a respect for that great river The Thames which served as the life blood of England for hundreds of years. Local communities were right to shout at the idiots who came to offer too little too late.

“Mandela’s” wall is coming on thanks to the heroic efforts of it’s makers. Today they built a buttress without which the wall would again collapse into out ailing neighbour’s garden. The plan is to get it finished before the daffodils come out in order that she can see the spring garden she has so lovingly created over the last twenty years. So what is a buttress? I think it is something of a metaphor for a matriarch I am thinking about this.

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