Accidents in The Home, Mandela’s Wall, and Playing With Your Toys.

The Sainted One has always had a tendency to hitting his head on anything available; once I had a car demo here and he did it on the roof, blood everywhere. It was my fault of course for suggesting such a badly designed vehicle. The most frequent offenders are kitchen cupboard doors. The most recent event was very dramatic with much moaning and staggering about, followed by a very unjust suggestion that it was of course my fault for being in the room at the time and occupying a space which was further removed from this hazard. Naturally I could see the way this was going, the kitchen was no place for gentlemen of leisure who have slavish wives with nothing to do. So today teams of skilled craftsmen have been summoned to rip out the units and replace them with open shelving. Watch this space.

Mandela’s Wall is beginning to look splendid, my lovely brave neighbour managed to get out into the garden on the first sunny day to see it , it gave her much happiness and optimism. The Adorable Italian cousins are here , I love the way they drift into fascinating conversations where ever you encounter them in the house, it makes it all seem like a continuous party. On Wednesday we gave our reciprocal dinner for the many people who entertain us so generously. As one friend put it we like to get out all our toys and play with them on these occasions, of course the sweet lady who said this did not realize the vile sense of humour which is not far below the surface here, the S.O. did not see why it was funny. But he must be forgiven everything as he has recently taken over some of the household shopping, which leaves me time for filing my nails and talking on the telephone for which I am so much adored and appreciated. No time for the great literary work this week.

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