Lucie O’Donnell and How to Run A Life With Cancer .

Well of course I think she is wonderful, after all she is my daughter. The old Chinese Proverb tells us “If your children are no better that you are , you have lived in vain.” I call her Lucie, it’s special like her. She is of course Lucy to everyone else and if you want to know why she is so special , go to www.cancerismy Lucie, wife and mother of three, running a successful health food business was diagnosed with stage four metastasized breast cancer two and a half years ago. This was very bad news, as bad as it gets…. You may ask why such a late diagnosis, believe me there are many such cases where a woman is told not to worry it is just a local inflammation no wasted energy on the blame game for her, she moved on, her favourite phrase is “it is what it is” indeed that is so. This extraordinary woman has had the most invasive treatments, lost her hair, had operations galore and endured and survived with courage and fortitude. Around her life flourishes even though she knows this is a work in progress. Quite astonishingly, she has written a book called Cancer is My Teacher, it is not out yet but when it is published it will be a bible for all those people who will have to embark on the journey she travelled with such fortitude and acceptance. This is practical physical and emotional advice and much else. She is also a cancer life coach and if you want to know how to get to her click on her website. Fear is contagious and insidious I think her gifts as a life enhancer are all about the banishment of fear and it is this she concentrates on in her wonderful book.

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