Compassion In World Farming, Things You need to Know and Confucius.

On Wednesday we had a forum in our house to discuss the work of CWF. We were privileged to have Philip Lymbery with us to talk about the message contained in the three hundred and sixty pages of his book Farmageddon. Every family should have this book, and it should be compulsory reading in schools. There were sixteen of us, and we all had a role not least the people who cooked and brought wonderful food. We also had Mable Cable the Mary Poppins of the Ginger Pig Butchers I bang on about. They produced some delicious food, all of which was gathered and reared to the high standards of animal and plant welfare we work for at CWF . Amongst us were valued supporters who make the work possible. There was a ubiquitous feel good factor about the whole occasion. Some of us plan to make a trip to Yorkshire to visit the Ginger Pig Farms and see how it can be done. Philip wrote this book with the help of a journalist called Isabel Oakshott. At the start of the project, which involved months of gruelling travel she was not truly convinced; but in the end she made the remark which sums it all up, she said “ Now I get it.” Confucius said that in the end man’s survival was about six inches of top soil and some rain. We need to watch our space whatever and wherever it is.

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