White Trash and Soiled Work Surfaces, Food Technology, and What Fifteen Year Old Boys Get.

Be aware, this strange reference to “white trash” is most ubiquitous in the non indigenous population. But I have begun to hear it used by normally tolerant Guardian Readers who have seen too much of how white welfare scroungers live very comfortable lives, in which there domestic habits render them deserving of the sobriquet. For instance I spent some time with two women today, one of whom is a teacher and the other who helps to run a social housing development. The first one teaches “Food Technology” to secondary pupils. This is elementary stuff, because some of them have never seen anyone cook, they reside in homes where the kitchens have to be replaced every eighteen months because they are so filthy, they become a health hazard despite the absence of culinary activity (they are used for other purposes). A lot of their parents do not vote because that can’t be bothered. In the academic periods there is a “no writing “policy and the pupils are given “tablets” otherwise known as laptops, the majority of which do not work “because they are broken!”. Some instruction is supposed to be given on a screen on a wall, but the blind which is supposed to darken the room to make this visible has been broken for two years. Never mind they do make cupcakes.

This vocational woman had occasion to run a discussion group where pupils were asked to share their career preferences when they finished, what is laughingly called education. Most had quite reasonable, but sadly unattainable plans (considering most of them can neither read or write with pen and paper). However one of them announced with great conviction that he wanted to be a suicide bomber, this wonderful woman replied quick as a flash “Why wait?”

I suggested to this clever woman that she acquired a copy of Philip Lymberry’s book Farmageddon and read it to the kids, she is up for that, and I await with interest the results of this experiment, after all what else can food technology possibly be about but the production of food before it gets to the table?

Our Local pub on the Isle of Wight serves delicious planet friendly produce from its own farm, where the farmer Adrain Lax rears his animals to the highest standards of animal welfare on Saturday this was served by a vision of wholesome beauty called Amie. This is all very well of course and we are lucky, but how does this translate to the kids described earlier? Having said which ….. I bet some of the “yummie mummies” who can afford and do buy organic produce do not know what their fifteen year old little darlings are getting up to at expensive recreational venues in the school holidays. Girls as young as fourteen are expected to do things which would be classified as serious sexual abuse were they to come to court . Suffice to say it is non penetrative sex, but it is still under age even if it is what these hapless little girls think is part of being cool and are rated on their expertise, the start of a lifetime cycle of female sexual and domestic abuse. Sorry folks there is a dichotomy here somewhere.

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